Sat 1 May 2021: The GIFT Exchange

The Felled Areas Have Been Replanted
A History of Chopwell Woods
By Mia & Eric

Audio book available now
Concept by Oliver Zahn

Online tutorials
Daily at 9am & 6pm (BST)
FIELD: A conversation on value
With Two Destination Language

Facilitated conversation | 10am - 12noon (BST)
Meet the Festivals - WTF LAUNCH
Curious Arts, GIFT, Harambee Pasadia, MAPS, Moving Parts, Summer Streets, TUSK & Vamos.

Online Panel | 12.30 -1.30pm (BST)
Disability: A Celebration
With Disconsortia

Online group conversation | 2-3pm (BST)
Open House Body & Voice
Workshop with Walli Höfinger and Teresa Brayshaw.

Workshop | 3-4pm (BST)
Horizon - Performance Created in England
With BAC, Dance4, Fierce, GIFT, MAYK and Transform.

Showcase Applicant Information Session | 4-5pm (BST)
People Aren’t Interested in...
Byelaws Until They Realise How Interesting Byelaws Are

With Action Hero & Mia + Eric | Online talk
5pm (BST)
By Oliver Zahn

Online tutorials
Daily at 9am & 6pm (BST)
Posed as a woman: Work in Progress
By Tom Marshman

Work in progress sharing | 6.30pm (BST)
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