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Sat 1 May  |  2pm - 3pm (BST)

Online Group Conversation  | For all ages

Automated Closed Captions Available | BSL Interpreted

Disability: A Celebration

With Disconsortia


Join Disconsortia for a celebration of Disabled artists and disabled-led art.

Everyone’s looking to make their work accessible for audiences/spectators, but many [venues and organisations] forget about disabled artists and disabled culture. We want to shout about the best of the best disabled-led art in the North East, and what's coming round the corner from us at Disconsortia.

Guest Panel: Members of Disconsortia Collective

About Disconsortia

Disconsortia is a collective of 17 talented, diverse North East disabled artists - some long established, others emerging. There are award winners, national scheme mentors and mentees, & lifelong contributors, thinkers & influencers, with our members working across all artforms. Disconsortia are a key voice in the arts in the North East and contribute to regional and national dialogue on disability arts.

Ticket information and accessing events online
Due to the ongoing global pandemic, The GIFT Exchange is taking place online, providing a digital space for us to come together to exchange. 

Tickets are limited and Free and need to be booked in advance. GIFT welcomes donations over the 3 days of The GIFT Exchange.

Artist biography


Disconsortia is a disabled artist-led consortium currently focussing on developing a vibrant community of disabled artists who are seeking and creating platforms from which to share our work. We are aiming to influence regional and national arts policy & practice in relation to disabled people as artists, leaders in the arts, audiences, and participants, and to ensure we have a relevant voice both invited and included equally in the arts ecology of our region and our country.


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