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Fri 30 April  - Sunday 2 May  

Audio experience in Chopwell Wood |  Suitable for All Ages 

The Felled Areas Have Been Replanted:
A History of Chopwell Wood

By Mia & Eric (CA) 

The Felled Areas Have Been Replanted.png
The Felled Areas Have Been Replanted:
A History of Chopwell Wood

In 2020 artist duo, Mia & Eric began a three year research and engagement process to create a new work for Chopwell Wood--a small forest on the edge of Gateshead. As part of their research they came across an exquisite "History of Chopwell Forest" written by the Forestry Commission in 1951. Throughout the report the author discusses the use of the woods, why certain tree species were planted, and the many missteps previous generations made in managing the forest. The report captures the genesis of Chopwell Wood as we know it now.

Mia & Eric have translated the report into a short audio-book that can only be listened to while in Chopwell Wood itself. The artists invite residents of the North East to wander through the woods--what traces of this history can you see or experience around you today?

Chopwell Wood is a fascinating 900-acre forest that represents  thousands of years of human industrial, cultural, and ecological use. For centuries trees were harvested for ships, churches, and tanning hides. Coal was mined from the early thirteenth century until 1966. Recreation is now the main industry in the wood. Except in a few small locations, only the footprint and geological features of the ancient forest remain. Chopwell Wood is a human built landscape--one that has been cut down and replanted multiple times.

You can access the audio-book here:

Listen to the Audio Experience


To be enjoyed whilst in Chopwell Wood - 

download the Audio Book onto a smart phone or MP3 player and follow the map and instructions

Artist biographies

Mia & Eric

Mia & Eric are a Canadian visual art duo from Calgary, Alberta who have many years experience working in socially engaged practice and site-specific public art spanning both gallery and public art contexts. Their work has been presented throughout North America and Europe.

Credits and supporters

Supported by Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Supported by Calgary Arts Development and Calgary Arts Foundation through an anonymous donation to Edmonton Community Foundation.

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