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Previous GIFT Festivals

The GIFT Exchange 2023

Fri 28 Apr - Sun 30 Apr 2023

Building on the rich conversations that started at GIFT 2022, and our online GIFT Exchange in 2021, this year we returned to the heart of Gateshead for a series of events premised on the notion of exchange. Events took a range of formats including workshops, creative walks, conversations, socials and sharings -  all designed to bring artists and audiences together in ways that allowed for connection and a genuine exchange of ideas.


Events in the programme covered topics including friendship, working internationally, through to living precariously, and there were plenty of opportunities to discuss topics and creative ideas that audiences wanted to bring to the GIFT Exchange to explore. 

GIFT 2022

Fri 29 Apr - Sun 1 May 2022

Watch 2022 festival trailer

Placing artistic experimentation and collaboration at its core, GIFT returned in 2022, with an exciting programme of performances, conversations, and workshops taking place in locations across Gateshead, and online. Created for artists and audiences in the North East of England and across the world,  GIFT is an annual three day festival providing a meeting point for meaningful exchange between artists and audiences.

GIFT 2020 & The GIFT Exchange 2021

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make the 2020 digital edition of GIFT & The GIFT exchange in 2021 such big, beautiful, experimental successes. 

Thousands of people all across the world tuned into 36 performances, installations and interactive events, connecting together across 26 countries and seven digital channels.

A huge thank you to everyone who watched, took part, and fully embraced the festival’s digital version, which was reimagined this year to replace our regular festival home in Gateshead. GIFT would not be possible without you. 

Watch 2020 festival trailer

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