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Sat 1 May  |  10am-12.00 noon (BST)

Facilitated Conversation  |  Age 16+  |  Automated Closed Captions Available 

FIELD: a conversation on value

With Two Destination Language

Credit: Katherina Radeva

In response to the pandemic, Two Destination Language’s Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva gathered freelance artists from across the north in June last year.


They spent two weeks together, online, thinking about the opportunities which arose from the crisis. Each day, they were joined by people from organisations to broaden perspectives.


This was the first FIELD residency: a space where curiosity and questions were valued above answers and certainties. A space where each person could be open about what they felt uncomfortable with among the practices and behaviours of our industry, and where they found solace and comfort.


It was a time filled with hope, despite the shattered plans and livelihoods which we began from.


Now, we invite you to a conversation about value: what we’ve learned to value in the last year, where we can see people being valued and where they aren’t, what other value systems there might be and our own value.


Bring kindness, empathy, curiosity and a cup of your favourite brew.

Please note, this is a small group conversation event designed for cultural workers.

BSL Interpreters and Automated Close Captions are available for this event.

For access information click here

Ticket information and accessing events online
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Company biography

Two Destination Language

Two Destination Language make intercultural dialogues in theatrical forms, exhibitions, installations and print. Often grounded in autobiography and conversational practice, their award-winning work tours across the UK and internationally.


Their work with non-professionals shifts ideas about identity and belonging in the same way as their work with professionals. They also run peer support work around wellbeing, rest and making space for a supported artist community.


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