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The Beginning
Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas (Bert & Nasi)

CALL OUT for Participants

FESTIVAL FRAGMENTS - THE BEGINNING ©Marie CharbonnierPA210304 (1).jpg
We are looking for non-professional participants aged 60+ (and of any gender) to take part in a brand-new production by celebrated international theatre-makers Bert and Nasi. 

THE BEGINNING, is an alternative dance performance of beginnings – beginnings of shows, beginnings of relationships... and touches on all the joys, difficulties, excitements and exhaustion that comes with beginning again and again. 

Bert & Nasi have fun and dance like two children.
From a light hopping like Wilson and Keppel's Sand Dance, they run in circles around the stage, chasing each other. And they do it with their secret casualness. They occupy the space with incredible ease and make absurd deviations seem instantly funny and playful
”. Lisenn Morvan, Alter1nfo (on THE BEGINNING)

FESTIVAL FRAGMENTS - THE BEGINNING ©Marie CharbonnierPA210320 (1).jpg

A message from Bert & Nasi

When & Where?

WORKSHOP 1 - Fri 3 May
1pm (optional lunch)
2pm - 5pm @ St Mary's Heritage Centre

WORKSHOP 2 - Sat 4 May
1pm (optional lunch) 
2pm - 5pm @ St Mary's Heritage Centre

WORKSHOP 3 - Sun 5 May
12.30pm (optional lunch)
1.30pm - 4.30pm
@ Gateshead Central Library
7.30pm - 8.20pm @ Gateshead Central Library

Participants will:

  • be available for all workshops and performances (dates and venue below)

  • not consider themselves to be a professional performer 

  • be 60 years of age or older be comfortable walking and moving.

We welcome the presence of people who identity as disabled and will endeavour to discuss with venues how best to support their needs during the performance and the rehearsal process.

Images: Marie Charbonnier
Video: Bert & Nasi

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