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Strategy to stage- taking a theatre festival online

This event will be BSL interpreted

Since the close of this year’s festival, Team GIFT has received lots of supportive messages and enquiries about our digital edition, about how it was planned and delivered online.

As a result, we’ll be running one more special event, Strategy to stage- taking a theatre festival online, on Thursday 14 May at 3pm BST via Zoom webinar. This event will be BSL interpreted. Team GIFT will present an open session on their approach to the festival’s digital move, as a result of COVID-19, followed by questions and answers from the audience. We’ll be covering all aspects of the festival- from why we made the initial decision to move the festival online, to planning, programming, technical facilitation and testing, to artistic collaboration, and remote working as a team. Festival Founder and Director, Kate Craddock, will be joined by GIFT team members Jason Crouch (Technical Agitator and Troubleshooter) and Melanie Rashbrooke (Producer). If you’re keen to learn more about absolutely anything related to this year’s GIFT, we’d love to see you and hear your questions. Book your tickets here Team GIFT.



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