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Q&A with Unfolding Theatre

Unfolding Theatre return to GIFT this year with their brand new show Multiverse Arcade.

Here's a quick Q&A with Annie Rigby, Unfolding Theatre's Artistic Director: What can people expect from Unfolding Theatre at GIFT this year? 

We are sharing work-in-progress on our brand new piece for young people, Multiverse Arcade. It starts with placing your hands in an arcade machine that projects a message from 2066 onto your palms. From there it’s a mission to add to and amplify the voices of 2018 that could save the future. We’ll be sharing some rough edits of video and sound design content, and also inviting people to add their voice to our arcade.

It's brilliant to have Unfolding Theatre back, can you tell us a bit about your involvement with GIFT throughout the years? 

GIFT is really special for us. It’s where we shared the very first work-in-progress on our show, Best in the World, which took the form of a pretty wild pub quiz. We then went onto host a Skype darts match between our audience at BAC and the audience at GIFT the following year. It’s always been a space for us to try out new ideas, as well as be inspired by some amazing international artists.

For people who don't already know who you are, can you tell us a little bit more about the company? 

Unfolding Theatre makes big hearted theatre that delights in bringing people together. Based in Newcastle, past productions include the award-winning Building Palaces, Best in the World, Lands of Glass and Putting The Band Back Together.

What else are you looking forward to seeing as part of the festival? 

As a massive Quarantine fan, I can’t wait to see Wallflower. We were also blown away by Scott Turnbull’s debut show, Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go, at Edinburgh in 2016, so we can’t wait to see his work-in-progress on new show, The Smog.

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