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3 Woods - the project so far

Last year we introduced you to 3 WOODS - a collaborative project with Canadian artists Mia & Eric. They are undertaking a multi-year engagement process to create three interrelated works in response to three different woods: one in the Rhine-Neckar Region in South West Germany, another in Northern Norway, and Chopwell Wood in Gateshead.

The three communities are connected by their individual relationships to wooded areas. These woods are historically significant sites, places of folklore, used for recreation, and are biodiverse habitats for animals and other species.

Mia & Eric have asked local residents to be their eyes, nose, fingers and ears, as the pandemic has hindered them from exploring these sites themselves. People can upload their findings and musings from their woodland visits via this link and here are some of the offerings people have shared from Chopwell Wood:

Also have a look at some of the sharings for the Folkeparken in Harstadt, Norway and the Rhein-Neckar-Region in Germany!

For the next part of the 3 Woods project, Mia & Eric want to get in touch with local residents and get to know their stories and anecdotes connected to Chopwell Wood. If you are interested in taking part and sharing some of your information, here are some links to get in touch with the project:

To connect with Mia & Eric on Instagram:

The 3 Woods at Chopwell Wood Facebook group:

3 Woods website:



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