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Mia + Eric

Call Out for Participants

Do you work in or care for the forests in the North East of England? Are you a forester, ecologist, park warden, conservationist, logger, industry professional, tree planter, parks employee, administrator, volunteer, knowledge keeper or activist? 

Canadian artist duo Mia + Eric are looking for forest workers in the North East to participate in the filming of
In a Strange Place — a video artwork that addresses the future of the forests.

These performances will be played alongside 120 other forest caretakers from Germany, Norway, and Canada.

The final artwork will be exhibited at Contemporary Calgary in November 2024 and GIFT 2025.

No experience in movement, art or film necessary.

Image: Mia + Eric

The Process

You will come to Chopwell Wood at a time slot of your choosing, on either Saturday 15th or Sunday 16th June.

Here you will get to know the artists, receive a short introduction and be guided through a short upper body movement warmup.

You will be given a cardboard mask to wear so you remain anonymous.

During the filming, you will develop small movement sequences together with the artists. No movements, sequences or texts need to be memorized or prepared in advance. Speaking on camera is also not required.

You can expect to be with the artists and team for approximately one to two hours, approximately 20 mins of which will be filming.

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