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Fri 29 Apr  |  10.30am-12pm | Chopwell Woods

Hello Neighbours (as part of 3 woods)

By Mia & Eric 


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How well do you know the plants, animals, insects, and fungi you live next to?
Artist workshop from Mia & Eric

Hello Neighbours gives people the chance to get to know their more-than-human neighbours who live in the woods. The project invites people to see themselves as a forest being - and elevates the position of other forest beings to neighbour status.

Participants start by finding / choosing a subject to get to know. There is no need for them to know their name or anything else about them. Examples might be a tree, a patch of mushrooms, a squirrel. They then have 20-30 minutes to spend by themselves, using a booklet with questions and prompts as a guide. Without a shared verbal language, getting to know each other will require all of our senses, some unconventional ways of relating, skills of observation and patience. To conclude the exercise, everyone will introduce the Forest neighbour they spent time with, opening up larger conversations about the woods and our connection to them.

About Artists


Mia Rushton and Eric Moschopedis are an interdisciplinary artist team from Calgary, Canada who bring together elements of craft, performance, cultural geography and multi-species ethnography to create site-specific and socially-engaged works.



3 WOODS is a series of new interrelated works by artist duo Mia & Eric (CA) commissioned by Matchbox (DE), Arctic Arts Festival (NOR) and GIFT (UK).

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Image: Wayne Gamble


Ticket information and accessing
events in-person & online

This year's GIFT festival is taking place in Gateshead and online providing digital and in-person spaces for us to come together and experience work and participate in workshop activities.

Tickets are limited and Pay What You Decide. Our suggested guide ticket price is £10. Your donation helps support GIFT activity now and in the future. GIFT is a not for profit organisation with all donations going back into the company to help support artists to develop and present new work and the future life of GIFT. 

Recommended age rating: 14+

Duration: 1hr & 30 minutes

Workshop location:

Chopwell Wood

Hooker Gate

Tyne & Wear

NE39 1LT

If you have access requests please email to discuss your requirements.

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