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Gillie Kleiman 

CALL OUT for Participants

friend_Landscape_credit Kaiya Waerea.jpg
Are you up for a new challenge? Do you love dancing but don’t do it as a job? Would you like to make a performance in your home, for your friends? If you’ve answered yes, then please read on!

Choreographer Gillie Kleiman is looking for 5 people who are not professional performers to do a dance performance in their own homes.


friend is a dance performance performed by an adult in their home to an audience of their friends. The adult performer cannot be a professional performer, and in fact they might never have performed before.

Performers will learn and develop a solo dance by working through packs of posted materials as well as online conversations with Gillie, her colleagues, and the other performers. Each version of friend will be the same as the others at the same time as being specific to the performer.


Participants will:

  • be available once a week for 7 weeks to meet up online 

  • be available for the final performance on Sun 5 May 2024

  • be based in Gateshead 

  • be aged 18+ 

  • not consider themselves to be a professional performer.

For this project, we welcome applications from residents who live in all parts of Gateshead, however we will be prioritising those who live in the postcode areas NE8 or NE9 as part of our selection process.

  • A device with a camera and internet connection, for Zoom calls, recording yourself dancing and playing music from

  • A private space in which you can work (big enough to get a yoga mat down comfortably)

  • A way to organise and share notes with Gillie

  • Space to host at least five friends in your home where they can watch you do the performance, and where you can eat a meal together

  • The willingness to, with support, select and invite five or more friends to be audience members in good time, and to communicate about the details

  • The means to receive and send post

We can help with many of the above, if needed.
Please get in touc
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‘It was a liberating experience, scary and wonderful, and I am so proud of myself for doing it! It’s opened me up again to being creative and gave me a boost mentally as well as being more sociable and bringing my friends together.’ Participant feedback

To apply, please click APPLY HERE below. 

This will take you to a short form, where you will be required to fill out your personal details (name and contact details) and a description of your interest in the project. This can be written, or provided as a video or voice note, whatever works best for you. This is a chance for you to have a think about and express why you’d like to be involved.

After submitting your application you will be directed to a monitoring form.

Deadline for applications: Thu 25 January 2024 at 5pm

Process begins: w/c 11 March 2024 in consultation with the performers.

Each performer will receive a stipend of £500.

If you would like to take part but are in a situation where you are unable to receive the payment (such as migration status or effect on benefits) then we can discuss alternatives that might make it work for you.

There are also additional funds for access requirements, which might include some of the things above.

Please note: A stipend is a fixed amount of money offered to cover expenses while engaging in an activity. It is not a fee.

1. Each application will be checked against the eligibility criteria above.

2. Each application will be checked to ensure there is a good understanding of the process (we want to be sure that participants understand what will happen and has a good time).

3. Names will be drawn from a hat at random


Main Image: By Kaiya Waerea
Second image: By Kit Haigh

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