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Fri 28 Apr | Various times | Various locations in Gateshead

A Series of Chats About Friendship

By Danny Prosser and Alfie Heffer


We (Alfie & Danny) want to understand more about friendship. We’re out in Gateshead, roaming, sitting, thinking and ready to meet you. We might have biscuits and we will have questions.

We'd love to talk about what friendship means to you. Friendships past and present. How they feel, how they’re shaped, why they drift apart or why they are sustained. This forms part of the research for our show 'A Series of Quiet Acts' (working title). With your permission, each of these conversations will be recorded for our rehearsal room. 


How it works

You book a slot and you will be emailed a meeting point in Gateshead and further information. On the day, you'll come find us and join us for a roam around friendship. Conversations will last around 20 to 30 minutes. If you have specific access needs, you can let us know before or after booking a slot, by emailing

About Artists

Danny Prosser and Alfie Heffer are theatre makers, arts managers and producers. This is the first time they are making a show together, but they have made shows with other people in other places. They became friends when they met at Dartington College of Arts in 2008.


We Used to Wait by Massive Owl, GIFT 2013. Image: Richard Kenworthy.


FRI 28 APR | 10:30-11:00AM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 12:00-12:30PM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 12:45-1:15PM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 2:15-2:45PM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 4:20-4:50PM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 5:10-5:40PM SOLD OUT

FRI 28 APR | 5:50-6:20PM SOLD OUT

Ticket information

This year's The GIFT Exchange festival is taking place in Gateshead and online providing in-person and online spaces for us to come together and experience work and participate in workshop activities.

Tickets are limited and by donation. Our suggested donation for attending The GIFT exchange is £10. Your donation helps support GIFT activity now and in the future.

Recommended age rating: All ages welcome

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

Various locations in Gateshead

SAT 29 APR | 12:00-12:30PM SOLD OUT

SAT 29 APR | 12:45-1:15PM SOLD OUT

SAT 29 APR | 3:40-4.10PM SOLD OUT

Access requirements

If you have access requests please email to discuss your requirements.

SAT 29 APR | 4:20-4:50PM SOLD OUT

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