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Fri 30 April  - Sunday 2 May |  Daily at 9am and 6pm (BST)

Live-streamed video call  |  Age 14+


Concept by Oliver Zahn

Tutorials image Bonn1872.jpg.tiff

Every day during The GIFT Exchange, two artists will meet for the first time, in a 30 minute live-streamed video-call, to teach each other something, anything. The audience is invited to observe this tutorial, and share in this passing of knowledge from one body to another, over hundreds of miles. 

Each participant performer has been invited to share something in their tutorial that they “know off by heart.”  

Access Tutorials live stream on our YouTube channel here

Artist biography

Oliver Zahn

Oliver Zahn (*1989) is a German theatre maker, working in various capacities both on stage and behind the scenes. Oliver Zahn’s performance essays circle around conceptions of memory, history and immaterial knowledge.

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