Little GIFT Scratch

May 05, 2018

Little GIFT - A Scratch for Kids!
Caedmon Hall at Gateshead Central Library


Included in Festival Pass or Individual Tickets £7/£5 (plus booking fee)

(The £7 ticket includes entry for one adult and one child, additional siblings 'pay what you decide' on the door; Individual Adult Ticket £5).

Bring your little ones along to Caedmon Hall for 2 short work in progress performances for kids! The audience will be invited to watch the two new shows and then offer their feedback to the artists in a follow up activity. 

The Little GIFT Scratch will include 2 new shows in development, Mooncat and The Sky is Falling In. Both shows incorporate live music and storytelling and are created by brilliant teams of North East artists. 

Mooncat by Carl Wylie and Becky Morris
Mooncat follows the journey of Luna, an 8 year old girl who spends her time looking out of her 'talidiscope' searching for the moon. Her care worker Mr Beafheart asks her what she wants to be when she grows up… "A spaceman!" she can find her parents up in the sky. 

The Sky is Falling In by Tale Jam
A snippet of a Story Gig for family audiences, performed by the musical storytelling band, Tale Jam. We’ll tell an epic tale with a musical jam but as we reach the story’s final bend, we might need the audience to help decide how it is going to end.

All welcome. Suitable for a family audience. Recommended age range 4 - 8.

Draw to Look By Hannah Sullivan

May 05, 2018

Draw to Look by Hannah Sullivan

Gateshead Central Library, Prince Consort Road


Included in Festival Pass or Pay What You Decide (on the door)

Individual Time Slots Available to Book in Advance Via Link Below

‘We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice.’ - John Berger, Ways of seeing.

Hannah invites you, one at a time, to join her at a desk specially made for two people to draw each other.

A simple occasion to notice the looking that drawing allows and the difference it makes.

Drawing does many things, it records but it also asks us to pay attention. Hannah is interested in the liveness of observational drawing, the affect this occasion has on our relationship to what we choose to draw, and the resulting marks as maps of our looking. Using a simple drawing exercise Hannah hopes to create an accessible drawing experience, dispelling pressures of skill or technique, refocusing on allowing time to notice what we cultivate when we draw.

‘Sullivan’s piece is infinitely delicate. It is a snatched moment, a secret shared between you for fifteen minutes. It offers an opportunity to examine, and to focus on nothing but this little bubble of calm.’ - Exeunt. 

Hannah Sullivan is a performance maker currently making solo works that reframe and democratise creative practices by prioritising the emotional experience. Previous works include ‘Echo Beach’ and ‘With Force and Noise’. Hannah is a graduate of Dartington College of Arts and University of Bristol, and a former member of Bristol based collective; Interval. 

Age Guidance: 14+ 

Present Tense by Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees

May 05, 2018

Present Tense by Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

11am - 5pm (approx)

Durational performance: audience can come and go as they please


Present Tense is a task-based performance and experiment that creates and examines tension in an

enclosed space. The performer backs herself into a corner by setting several hundred mousetraps, each one adding to a growing sense of tension.

Gillian moves through the space carefully setting several hundred conventional wooden mousetraps on

the floor. Her hands and feet are bare and vulnerable being close to the trap mechanisms. She continues

until she is backed into a corner. She then begins the process of skilfully moving through the set traps to

exit the space.


Gillian and Adam aim to create a cumulative physical tension through the spring loaded traps and

observe if it equates to a growing sense of emotional tension in anyone witnessing the piece whether

the repetition of a task that contains an inherent physical danger becomes more tense when performed


Gillian is a Glasgow based performance practitioner. Adam is a visual artist. Together, their practice

seeks to explore the notion of the imagined ideal through subjective performance, objective experimentation, documentation and observation.

Age Guidance: All welcome. Young children must be supervised by adult.

GIFTed Workshop with Quarantine's Richard Gregory

May 05, 2018

GIFTed Workshop

With Richard Gregory, Co-Artistic Director of Quarantine 

St. Mary's Heritage Centre

12.30pm -2.30pm

Included in Festival Pass or £5 (plus booking fee) for Individual ticket 


GIFTed is the strand of GIFT that offers support and opportunities for students and recent graduates. 

During this workshop, Richard Gregory will explore and reveal Quarantine's approaches to creating new theatre. Participants will gain specific insight into the making process behind Wallflower and have the opportunity to generate new performance material of their own.

Richard Gregory is Co-Artistic Director of Quarantine and currently Visiting Fellow at Northumbria University, Newcastle. 

Manchester-based Quarantine are a unique voice in British theatre, internationally acclaimed for their experiments with everyday life.

"Quarantine is quite simply a marvel, a company that's right at the forefront of British theatre... immensely touching, totally human yet also intellectually rigorous in their examination of the nature of performance and the raising of questions about what makes theatre seem real and reality so

strongly theatrical."

- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Age Guidance: All Welcome 

Robust by CHACMA Performance

May 05, 2018

Robust by CHACMA

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

2pm & 4pm

Included in Festival Pass or Individual Tickets Available at £7/£5 (Plus booking fee)

Are you as robust as it’s required in society today – or are you maybe too robust? 

This performance explores how humans are affected by society’s great demands of resilience. Humour and physicality are the tools to show the absurdity in the criteria to be a well-functioning human being. 


CHACMA Performance is an all-female theatre company from Denmark that makes political, experimental, and physical theatre about mental health and other essential issues in our society. The performers all have a background in dance, theatre and writing, and their performances are created by themselves through a devised process. 

Age Guidance: 14+

Composed by Rosa Postlethwaite

May 05, 2018

Composed by Rosa Postlethwaite 

Caedmon Hall at Gateshead Central Library, Prince Consort Road



Included in Festival Pass or £12/£10 (plus booking fee) or £15/£12 (plus booking fee) for Saturday Night Evening Ticket

(offering entry to Composed and The Great GIFT Scratch)

Composed is a funny, biting and honest show about a spokesman (sic) and their institution. An exploration of theatre rituals, fantasy and institutional violence.  

A series of extraordinarily, familiar personnel enter the stage for an in-house announcement, a thank you to the sponsors, a warm-up act...  

The Master of Ceremonies has, for Rosa, become a site through which to consider the relationship between a spokesman (sic) and their institution. In this project of self-reflection and industry critique, Rosa deals with apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you’re asking for it. Through subversive humour she points towards our expectations of the MC and plays with what happens when the composition cracks.  

Rosa Postlethwaite is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her work, on the boundary of theatre and live art is self-reflexive, biting and funny. Recently, Rosa co-devised multimedia, theatre work, An Evening with Savvy B with Hannah Walker. She produces and hosts PUG, a performance club night.  


Please note Composed will be presented as a Relaxed Show. The performance will be Captioned and Audio Description will be available. For all pre-show information, visit Rosa's website

Warning: Contains references to sexual harassment and institutional violence. 
Contains loud prolonged scream.

Age Guidance: 14+

The GREAT GIFT Scratch

May 05, 2018

The GREAT GIFT Scratch

Caedmon Hall at Gateshead Central Library, Prince Consort Road


Included in Festival Pass or £7/£5 (plus booking fee) of £15/£12 for Saturday Night Evening Ticket

(offering entry to Composed and The GREAT GIFT Scratch)

Featuring four new scratch performances, The GREAT GIFT Scratch offers an opportunity for artists to test out ideas for new shows at their very earliest of stages, and for you, our wonderful, supportive GIFT audience to offer feedback to the work in development.  

The line up includes new performances by: 
Bex Bowsher
Scott Turnbull

Mike Edwards

Chloe Smith and Jassy Earl

Running Through Wheatfields by Bex Bowsher
During the 2017 General Election, Theresa May described “running through fields of wheat” with a friend as her naughtiest act. ‘Running through Wheatfields' a fictionalised account of Theresa May’s teenage years looks at the events that led to the naughtiest act of her life. This play examines what it is to be a woman in power.

The SMOG by Scott Turnbull/The Smog Presents...
THE SMOG descended on Teesside two weeks ago and since it arrived strange things have been happening - supernatural occurrences and disappearances, sightings of something indescribable in the clouds, something unexplainable in The Smog...There’s been 47 burglaries, 112 sightings of ghostly apparitions, 7 missing cats and a terrible spot of the flu that gives you a really tickly cough. Where did it come from, when will it go, and who will survive to tell the tale? 

All About My Hats by Mike EdwardsAll About my Hats is a show about hats. It is about the hats we wear every day. Literal. Metaphorical. Bobble. It’s about Indiana Jones’ Fedora. Chaplin’s Bowler. It’s about what we keep under out hats. It’s about what we take our hats off to. It’s about hats worn. Hats worn out. Hats lost. Hats found. And maybe it’s about a bit more than that. But mostly it’s about hats…. 

Holding it Together by Chloe Smith and Jassy Earl
Holding It Together is an investigation into the process of grieving and living in the face of death. How do we hold ourselves together? What has a hold over you? How do you hold onto someone that isn’t there? How do you hold an absence? How can we hold each other?


Age Guidance: 14+

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