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Sun 3 May  |  10pm

Instagram performance  |  Age 18+


Jamal Gerald

IDOL by Jamal Gerald.jpg
Live stream 10pm Sun 3 May

Join Leeds-based artist Jamal Gerald for a late night instagram intervention featuring extracts and music from his solo performance Idol – a daring and unapologetic examination of religion, pop culture and Black representation.


Who would you rather pray to Beyoncé or white Jesus? Find out Jamal’s answer. Get your incense lit and hands cleansed.


This late night event includes musical performances by musicians Pariss Elektra and Azizi Cole.


Audiences are invited to burn incense and cleanse their hands before and throughout.

Idol will be streamed on Instagram. Follow Jamal's account to join: @jamiboii

Image: JMA Photography

Ticket information and accessing events online

Due to Covid-19, this year's GIFT festival has been re-imagined online providing a digital space for us to come together and experience work and participate in virtual discussion events and workshop activities.

You can make a donation to support this year’s festival here

Artist biographies

Jamal Gerald

Jamal is an artist based in Leeds. His work is conversational, socially conscious and a celebration of individuality.
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