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Fri 29 Apr - Sun 1 May  |  10am-6pm 

Future Perfect

By Action Hero and Mia & Eric 


a reasonable Future Perfect May21_TMS_highres-1 (photographer_ Tiu Makkonene).jpg

Future Perfect: New Byelaws for Civic Spaces is a hopeful, positive act of re-configuration. Byelaws that regulate behaviours in civic spaces—in this case Gateshead’s byelaws—are cut up word-by-word and meticulously rearranged into a new set of rules for a transitioning world.

You are invited to help with reconstructing the Metro Centre’s new Future Perfect byelaws! Visit our interactive website HERE to submit your own new rule, using cut-up words from the original text. Then follow the new byelaws as they are tweeted direct to @FP_new_rules

About Artists

Future Perfect is a collaboration between UK performance makers Action Hero, and Canadian visual artists Mia + Eric.

This new collaboration between Action Hero and Mia + Eric was formed after the duos were introduced during an artist double-date in Calgary, and each realised they’d met their artist doppelgangers. They decided to work together as an artistic supergroup & create a project for public space.

Mia + Eric are a Canadian visual art duo from Calgary, Alberta who have many years experience working in socially engaged practice and site-specific public art spanning both gallery and public art contexts. Their work has been presented throughout North America and Europe. See:

Action Hero are an artist duo who live in Bristol, UK, who have over a decade of experience making work that collaborates with audiences and the public. They have shown their work in over 40 countries and across 5 continents. See:

To interact with Future Perfect: New Byelaws for Civic Spaces visit


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