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Sat 29 Apr | Various times between 11:00AM - 4:30PM (BST) | Meeting Point: Shipley Art Gallery

Creative Exchange

Patrick Ziza, Tess Denman Cleaver, Luca Rutherford, Scott Turnbull
Riverside Routes at GIFT 2022, image VonFox Productions.jpg
Have you ever wondered how artists begin their creative process?

Or do you have a creative idea for a new artistic project that you want to share and talk over in a conversation with someone else? Or are you simply interested in meeting someone for a walk and talk and letting a creative conversation flow? If so, we invite you to come along for a one-to-one walk and conversation with an artist. 


How it works

Book a timeslot that works for you, and please outline any access requirements in advance. On the day, come along to The Shipley Art Gallery (look for The Saltwell Park Gallery inside) at your designated time where you will be greeted by one of the participating artists. They will suggest a route for you to take for a walk together, and open the conversation. Each Creative Exchange will last between 30 - 45 minutes.

This event is supported by Gateshead Council Arts Emerald Explorers


Participating artists

Patrick Ziza, Tess Denman Cleaver, Luca Rutherford, Scott Turnbull


Image: Riverside Routes at GIFT 2022, VonFox Productions

You can also book tickets by visiting our Eventbrite booking page
by clicking here.

Ticket information

This year's The GIFT Exchange festival is taking place in Gateshead and online providing in-person and online spaces for us to come together and experience work and participate in workshop activities.


Tickets are limited and by donation. Our suggested donation for attending The GIFT exchange is £10. Your donation helps support GIFT activity now and in the future.

Recommended age rating: 14+

Duration: approx. 30 - 45 minutes

Meeting point location:
Shipley Art Gallery
Prince Consort Road

Access requirements

If you have access requests please email to discuss your requirements.

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