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GIFT: Gateshead International Festival of Theatre


How do I watch GIFT this year?

Due to Covid-19, this year GIFT is fully digital, with all events and conversations taking place online. Tickets are limited, so book in advance to secure your seat by clicking the booking button of each event on our website  Once you’ve booked your tickets, you’ll receive an email with details on how to access your event online and important information from the artist on how to prepare for the event.


How is it going to be different to the usual festival? 

We won’t be physically together, but we’ll still share the same performance thrills, in-depth conversations and creative ideas together – just from the comfort of home this year. All you need is a browser, an open mind and a comfy seat.

What digital platforms are you using?

We'll be using a combination of Zoom meeting, Zoom webinar, Vimeo video streaming, SoundCloud and Spotify podcasts, Facebook and Instagram. Links to each platform will be contained within the email you receive, when you book for an event.

Can I just dip in and out of the festival?

For a real festival-feel, events have a set start time, are streamed live and won’t be available online afterwards. Just book your ticket, save your show-times, and join in with all the action.


If you can’t make the show times however, we have two downloadable podcasts, Music for Lectures and The North Sea: A (radio) play in three pints as well as hour-spanning durational works RadiOh Europa and Crack of Dawn to enjoy.


Is there anything to link-in to, in-between shows?

Yes! We’ve got a great “GIFT in the gap” programme, which anyone can join in with, in-between performances and events, to share conversations and reflections over the weekend, facilitated by our wonderful GIFT community artists. Get involved on the Facebook group here. 


What if I miss the start-time for the event I want to watch?

As long as you have your ticket, you can still join late to catch the remaining part of the event, following the information that you receive when you book your ticket. It’s a good idea to set yourself up 5-10 minutes ahead of the event, to get settled in, as we would if we were all together in Gateshead.


I’ve booked a ticket but where is my event confirmation? 

You should receive email confirmation of your event booking and an access link for the event. Please check your spam folder to make sure it’s not hiding in there. And if you still can't find your email, please message us on and someone will be happy to help. 


How do I make a donation and where does the money go?

GIFT is not a regularly funded organisation, and every Pay What You Decide donation made for this year’s tickets goes to covering the festival running costs. We know times are incredibly tight, as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown so even the smallest amount is hugely appreciated. GIFT’s Just Giving page can be found here.


The show that I want to attend is fully booked, is there a waiting list?

Some festival events have a limited capacity. If you have missed out on an event, please register your interest on the waiting list link and if a space becomes available you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Will I be visible on my screen during the performances?

You won’t be visible, from home, unless you have specifically opted to attend a workshop event or to speak during a talk or debate event. You can also turn your camera off on your device.


I have access requirements. How can I engage with GIFT this year?

We have worked hard to make as many events as possible, accessible, with BSL interpreting and subtitling. Each festival event on has individual accessibility information. A quick overview of Access Information is available here


I am an artist, how do I take part this year?

As usual, there are plenty of events for artists to participate in – talks, debates, workshops and social events and we’d love to see you online at this year’s GIFT. Take a look at the homepage to find out more and save your seat. If you use Facebook, please join our Facebook festival community group here


If I can’t get on to my show, over the festival weekend, how do I get help?

You’ll need an internet connection to access all GIFT’s events and performances digitally. First check you’re connected to make sure you’re up and running and if you are still having a problem please email us on and we will support you to get online as far as we can. If GIFT’s event platforms are experiencing technical difficulties, we will update our website and social media channels @GIFTfest to provide up to date information for audiences on how best to proceed. 


Are your events safe and secure to take part in?

We are doing all that we can to ensure all events run smoothly and safely online and we have tested events and platforms in line with latest digital safety and security guidance for channels, to keep audiences and artists as safe as possible online for this year’s festival. Events are all password protected. We recognise that there is the possibility of technical glitches, and online attacks. If as an audience member you experience anything unusual, that you deem not to be part of the festival experience, please contact GIFT immediately on 


How are you safeguarding younger audiences from viewing more adult material?

Each event has an age guidance – please check this before booking your ticket.


Are you paying artists to take part in GIFT this year?

All artists contributing to GIFT are paid as usual.


How does the Little GIFT: House Party work?

Families book a ticket for the weekend’s activities and can take part in as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for a downloadable pack full of colourful resources including challenge instructions, decorations, costume designs, a menu of GIFT ideas and much more, by booking here ahead of the festival weekend. 


How can I give feedback on this year’s events?

We would really like to hear your feedback and views. All festival participants will receive a post-event survey by email and you can also email

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