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GIFT: Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Audience Feedback

We’d love to know your thoughts on GIFT 2020


A big thank you for attending our digital edition of GIFT and entering into the experimental spirit of this year’s online approach.


Whilst events and shows are fresh in your mind, we would love to know what you thought- about what you saw, about how well you were able to interact online, and of the festival as a whole.


We would really appreciate any feedback that you can give, to help us continue to shape and develop GIFT. Click on the button below to access our audience survey, which should take around five minutes to fill in.

GIFT is not a regularly funded organisation and the festival is funded on a project by project basis. If you enjoyed your festival experience, do please make a donation to help cover all the costs of GIFT 2020, and to help us start our fundraising journey towards GIFT 2021! 


Thank you for your time and your contribution - it makes a really big difference.


Team GIFT 

Click on the button below to share your feedback with us

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